Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bacon Strips and Egg

I just had my breakfast a few minutes ago which consisted of bacon, egg, a cup of garlic fried rice and a-little-bit-too-sweet coffee. I didn't have any supper last night so I was a bit famished for something as filling as this.

Bacon always sounds good - to dog and man alike.  After watching the movie "As Good As It Gets", I've considered bacon also as a dog food.  Verdel, Simon's dog in the movie, prefers the person who feeds him bacon even if that person just threw him off the garbage chute.  It goes the same for me.  I would love anyone who feeds me nice thin strips of crispy bacon just like what I had this morning.  It's not often that I get to eat bacon primarily because meat that good cannot actually be good for anyone if it's taken daily. 

I want my sunny side up well-done.  I used to love eating fried eggs that are half-cooked in which the yolk is oozing out.  These days, I want to make sure I'm eating something safe. 

We cannot go wrong with garlic fried rice for breakfast.  The aroma is enough to heighten your appetite.

By the way, I wasn't able to finish the whole thing. 


  1. Yummy breakfast! When I eat with the BF for breakfast, he doesn't make the bacon crispy, just cooks it a little bit. I guess I also like it better that way.

    As for the eggs, I used to love mine well done but BF introduced to me the concept of half cooked eggs and up to now that's the only way I prefer it. Baligtad tayo, hehe. :)

  2. yummy big breakfast! nagugutom ako.. :)

  3. @Madz: onga sis, baligtad tayo :) Thanks to your bf you have come to like the gooey egg yolk that I used to love eating myself :)

    @Mel: you said it sis, big breakfast nga siya. Parang this plate can last me throughout the day.

  4. waa! if I had known that your's is a food blog, I would have visit you after I ate.. Now your photos made my stomach grumble lol! Thanks for the drop by the way:)..