Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tong Yang's Grilled Oysters and Noodle Soup

What I love about Tong Yang's buffet is that I can cook and eat all the oysters that I can eat.  I love it grilled and well-done.  I tried grilling it in their sate sauce and afterwards dipped in Yakiniku sauce before letting it ooze inside my mouth.

I also tried the Taiwan-style sate.  But it wasn't as good as the regular sate the restaurant prepared. 

Along with the oysters, I grilled my regular favorite, lamb skewers.  I know some people who can't get used to the smell of lamb, more so the taste.  But for me, lamb meat is so good to eat and that goes the same for goat's meat.  LOL! You got that right.  I love eating them both.  I've always thought they're more safer to eat because they're two of the cleanest animals. 

(Off topic:  I visited a seminary up in Antipolo and they had lamb running all over the place.  My father was laughing at me for being scared of them because they're one of the meekest animal on earth)

I'm used to eating instant cup noodles.  Soups are my thing.  And in Tong Yang, I get to cook my own bowl of noodle soup.  It makes me feel like I'm a cook even if I'm really not. 

We usually enjoy the shabu-shabu with two types of broth: sinigang and spicy broth. I usually eat the corn on the cob at the end of every meal.  I like it much more if all the flavors of the vegetables and dimsum and broth goes into the corn and that would only be possible they are submerged in the pot for a long long time.

And that's another gratifying visit in Tong Yang (Megamall Branch).


  1. I didn't try grilling my oysters the last time. Next time try ko yan for sure!

    I'm not that ready to try lamb meat yet and the same goes for goat's meat :P (Maybe I'll try lamb but I guess never goat's meat)

  2. I'm not sure if they have it, but usually people put some green stuff on it. I'm not sure if mint jelly yun because I haven't tried it. It usually removes the after taste. I think you should try it out with the green stuff para di traumatic LOL! kasi some don't like it that much.

  3. I remember my previous boss who always bring along lamb burger at the office.. parang nakakakilig kainin:D I would rather try eating goat's meat than lamb meat:)

  4. @storybookmom: I can just imagine you gagging while your boss is eating LOL!

  5. oh men, im drooling kahit i promised myself na stop muna ko sa buffet! i heit you!hehehe

    will try this too!