Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Visit to A Taste Of LA

Two nights ago, I was able to visit A Taste Of LA in Roces Ave., QC for a light after-dinner meal with family and some friends.  Even though, the restaurant has been there for a long time already, it was my first time to visit them.  The place was dark and cozy.  There was minimal lighting.  Most of the light in the room came from candles set on tables.  My eyes needed to get used to the dark for a minute or two.  That was how dark the place was.

The interior was somehow rustic. We chose to sit in a long and heavy wooden table that you would have seen in a kitchen of some old western home.  Wines were placed in an old fashioned cabinet that made up the counter of a bar.  I believe they were about California wines which unfortunately, I wasn't able to try out.

Note: I've always thought that wines from California came mainly from Napa because that was what I was told during a visit in that area years ago.  Well, maybe wines from Napa are mostly sold to LA.  Well, I can't really be sure. 

It wasn't for a family dining experience though.  It was more like a place for couples because the place was just too romantic with the candles and the bunch of deep red roses placed on the tables. 

Someone ordered buffalo wings, pasta, salad and pizza.  The pizza was more than delicious.  I think it was made of pepperoni, anchovies and a lot of cheese.  (I wasn't able to take good pictures of it though because it was just too dark.) 

I ordered oysters.  (What is with my obsession with oysters these days?)  I ordered the Formaggio from the list they gave me.  And enjoyed the baked preparation immensely. 

I ordered Orange Fizz for my drink that night.  Non alcoholic, of course. 

Service wasn't too bad.  It took a long time to serve the food though.  Probably because clients were not supposed to rush through their meal.  It was a good place to spend a couple of hours dining over well-prepared food and fancy wines.


  1. Too bad there was minimal lighting, bad lighting is a food blogger's dilemma.

    Ohhh oysters. Your oyster obsession is making me want oysters as well. Bad thing oysters are sooo overpriced in most restaurants. In a post from Foodie Manila, oysters only cost P35.00 per huge plate in Bacolod! :|

  2. @Madz: I figured they were supposed to be really cheap since they can be found mostly anywhere (with water) :) It would be nice to go to Bacolod heheh! By the way, sis, it was harder to take pictures in there because I was using a camera phone. Should have brought my camera.

  3. i agree with Madz.. hirap nga mag take ng photos pag madilim.. but the place looks interesting!

  4. Wow! I think I can suggest this place to my hubby this V-day lol! Excited?! What do oysters taste like?

  5. @Marice: I wanted to use the flash but it's distracting the diners and it makes the photos less vivid :(

    @Storybookmom: great idea... it's really perfect for couples this valentine's... taste of oysters depend on how they're cooked. In Marina restaurant, they don't cook the oysters (or so I think) so they're really slimy LOL! but I can still eat them. Some don't want to. Here, it's baked so it's tasty and milky.