Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Food Blog

My love of food and documentation has led me to start a food blog of my own.  I've seen so many food blogs already and mine may not be far different from theirs.  Food bloggers everywhere have one thing in common and that is, we all get excited about food.  I do hope that readers of this blog will share the same excitement about the food that I post - heighten the curiousity and long for their taste and their texture.   

Food when in good company taste a lot better than eating alone.  Hunger also does that.  A lot of people all over the world are starving.  And food that may not taste as good to others may be a goldmine to another who hasn't eaten in days. I may be feature fried fish and describe it like I have eaten the juiciest steak just because I get to share it with someone or just because I was so hungry at that time.  So, the greatness of the food experience is relative to what I am going through at the time. 

This food blog will feature the simplest to the most exquisite preparation of God-given edible gifts as I go along and encounter them from day to day.  I do hope I can do justice by writing the food experience as it is. 

"Look but don't taste.  Taste but don't swallow" is the exact opposite of what I want readers of this blog to do.  It is not often that we find pleasure in something as necessary as eating.  So enjoy it as much as I would.


  1. Yay! thank you for finally letting the foodie inside get the better of you. I'll be waiting for lots of yummy food posts in the future. I've already followed this blog and will add you on my blogroll.

    Happy food blogging sis! :)

  2. thanks so much for the moral support sis. I keep on thinking how to actually describe food. Hope to get the hang of this.

  3. Let's all have a food trip sometime, tayo nila Madz! ^_^

  4. that's a great idea Chyng. Kelangan where no one has ever eaten before :)