Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spicy Ginataang Sigarilyas

This is what I have been missing all these months that we were away from home.  Finally, my boyfriend had the time to send me some of his cooking.  He has been using Gata (coconut milk) in most of his dishes.  This one is my favorite of them all. 

I only started eating Sigarilyas or winged beans when he introduced this to me. Unlike other vegetables, this one is really tasty. 

He's Bicolano so he makes it as spicy as he and I can take it.  He loves to put capsaicin on almost all of his dishes so I need to take taste test everytime and have a glass of water ready just in case. 

I don't know if it's just me but Gata makes any dish a heavy and somehow, warm experience.  Boyfriend told me that in their province, during the rainy season which is almost all year long in their area, chickens and coconut are in demand to make ginataan or tinola.

Even if this is a vegetable dish, it's not advisable for me if I'm on a diet because I can only enjoy this dish if there's a lot of warm rice.


  1. I miss sigarilyas!I don't really like ginataan with pork if it's not spicy. I like it hoooot!

  2. I love spicy foods. Thanks for sharing this dish. I wanna try this one at home.

  3. I love any gata based dish and I absolutely love sigarilyas! Recipe please? :)

  4. @bechay: I like it spicy too :)

    @Jane Dee: yes sis, try it kasi it's light on the tummy and healthy too.

    @Madz: sige sis, will ask bf how he cooked it para I can post it here.

  5. My grandpa plants sigarilyas every season of it. Neighbors would come and ask for them. Sigarilyas is yummy as adobo too.

    Hey, I think I cooked a dish similar to dish once. Instead of sigarilyas, I used string beans. You can substitute a lot of veggies though. Bitter gourd is another option. Yummy!