Monday, February 7, 2011

Luncheon at Chili's

We were still on the road today by 12 noon and decided to get something to eat.  We stopped by at Chili's and had some light lunch.  It has been a long time since my last Chili's meal.  Their restaurant is still as homey as the last time.  And the service is still surprisingly better than their counterparts. 

We ordered Southwestern Vegetable Soup for starters.  The crunchy tortilla strips made it fun to eat.  But the gooey mozzarella cheese made me want for more.  Of course, it had beans in it to make it more Mexican or Southwesternish.  I haven't enjoyed soup as much as this did for a long time now.  Definitely, something to go back for in Chili's. 

We wanted something light so we ordered another appetizer to include in the main course.  No, we are not on a diet.  I forgot what it was called but this had tasty chicken strips on top of a mixture of vegetables.  (Note: I remember an article in Yahoo of meals we should avoid ordering because it was loaded with calories hiding under the facade of a salad.  And I remember looking at a picture of something that resembles the salad below.)

Another appetizer for the main course was Triple Play. (Good thing, I still remember the name of the dish.)  This contained soft chicken strips that I initially mistaken as fish fillet, fried burrito-like cones with corn and beans in it (LOL!  I really don't know what it's called), and buffalo-style chicken.  Along with it are three dipping sauces which include tartar sauce, creamy mushroom sauce and one that probably contained mustard.  And there were also celery sticks that I didn't bother eating.

It was supposed to be a light meal until I had Molten Chocolate Smoothie for my drink.  I'm trying not to think of around a thousand calories that is probably in that smoothie serving.  (Hope I burn it off by carrying my baby day in and out for the rest of the week.)  I requested it to be placed in a to-go cup because I was sure I wouldn't be able to finish the whole thing.  And so they obliged.  I just wondered if I got a lesser quantity because I had it on a cup instead of their big glasses.

All in all, the dining experience were still as good as before.  It's better than most of it's Southwestern or Mexican restaurant counterparts in the country.  There's still a lot to come back for so hopefully, I could visit again.


  1. im a fan of chilli's too! winner ang pita nila with salsa, that triple play, and my all time order yung monterey chicken! hehe kagutom na topic

  2. haven't tried their pita with salsa or moneterey chicken yet. Hopefully on our next visit, we could.