Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ritter's Biscuit-Filled Milk Chocolate

All I can say is this is such an English chocolate.

The Brit has been known to have invented chocolate-covered biscuits.  Ritter's takes it into a higher level.  The proportion of chocolate to the biscuit is more than 100%.  We have our our own version - Fibisco's Crunchies which I also love.

But this one, it's really something. There are small biscuits inside.  And when the chocolate is slightly soft, you'd think that you have dunked the biscuits in very thick semi-sweet chocolate.

If you feel like you're not impressed, you could have another choice. 

Somebody brought this home and I was the one who opened
 it because it will probably end up forgotten.


  1. Yes sis. Pero I was afraid to try out the one filled with yogurt. Heheh! When I think of yogurt, I think of sour cream. It's not the same thing but that's just me.

  2. Hmmm... might as well try Ritter one of these days. Kahit sa convenience store malapit sa office I usually see it pero di ko pa talaga nata-try. I love chocolates pa naman.