Tuesday, March 29, 2011


One week ago, I stopped by for ice cream while waiting for our order in Hypermarket along Libis, Pasig.  I was so tempted when I saw the trays of colorful ice cream. I gave in when I read one of them as Ferrero-flavored ice cream.  I was just appalled by the price of each small cup.

Sadly, it didn't taste like Ferrero Rocher.  It was not money well-spent.  
I wish there was BTIC around which I could have bought instead.
The BTIC Kahlua is far better than MokkiLato.


  1. Too bad. They shouldn't label their flavors as such if malayo naman sa katotohanan, that's cheating. :P

  2. onga sis. Sana they sprinkled crushed Ferrero to make up for the taste :( Maybe the other flavors are good enough... sana iba na lang kinuha ko.

  3. ang cute ng brand name but based from your review not worth a try. :(