Monday, March 28, 2011

Snacking at Pancake House

Awhile ago, after my dental visit, my mom and I stopped by a small branch of Pancake House in Robinson's Metro East mall.  I ordered the House Special Set which consisted of Tacos, Spaghetti, Fried Chicken and toast.  In short, all that I wanted in one plate.

I love their tacos.  I think they bake their own taco shell.  And their tacos are far from being Mexican.  I think it's more of a salad in the form of a taco.  I don't know how fresh their vegetables are but so far, I've never encountered Pancake House taco I didn't like.

I was able to try out their chocolate banana shake.  My mom ordered it for me because she knows I love creamy shakes most especially.  Actually, it didn't appeal to me while looking at it in their menu.  I wasn't in the mood for sipping creamy and sweet beverages these days. I think I 'm coming down with something.  Anyway, when you drink this, it's like you're sipping a whole lot of bananas.  I think the chocolate syrup got lost in all those bananas in that one tall glass.

I think Pancake House has the best tasting yogurt there is.  I have tasted frozen yogurts from other brands but I think Pancake House serves the best of them all.  I ordered the one with a big helping of sansrival bits on them. I highly recommend this and that includes the sansrival toppings.  Oh, by the way, they call it Gurtz.


  1. I rarely dine in Pancake House. The last time I wanted to try their tacos, pero nag pancake na lang ako. Sayang!

    Their Gurtz are that good eh? Try ko minsan! There's a Pancake House near the office. Thanks for the recommendations sis!

  2. Hey Madz. Try mo yung sansrival toppings ha? :)

  3. Hmmm, I might consider your suggestion about Gurtz. I love frozen yogurts and so far the ones that pass my standards are those from White Hat and Red Mango.:)

  4. I haven't tried their tacos but I love their choco w/ peanut butter, caramel banana walnut & blueberry pancakes! recently tried the spag w/ meat sauce and it was surprisingly yummy.

  5. Pancake house will always remind me of my childhood. I love their pasta and the tacos.

  6. ay pancake house is one of our fave! we so love pancakes and waffles!