Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yellow Cab's Dear Darla

Dear Darla,

When I saw your billboard while driving along a main road here in Manila around a year ago, I wanted to try you out.  I don't think I know any pizza that was eaten the way you are supposed to be eaten.  Also, because of you, I was able to eat alfalfa.  I couldn't have known any other alfalfa besides the kid character in some movie ages ago if it wasn't for you.  You are also very heavy on the tummy.  I think I usually can eat just two rolls of you and I'm good to go.

You are the greatest pizza innovation so far.

Love to eat you always,

Anne :)


  1. i bet you will also love the pizza of Uncle Cheffy restaurant in Eastwood. their same kind of pizza is so yummy too. i got my first time to try alfalfa sprouts there hehe. my first reaction was 'sarap pala'.

    i have yet to try dear darla naman. i heard so much rave about it. thank's for sharing!

  2. Inggit! I've been wanting to try this rin for so long now. :)

  3. wow! we frequent this resto but still we havent tried this yet.

  4. I shouldn't have read this letter for Darla..
    because now I'm so hungry! i've got to try this. :D

    Oh, I can't wait!

  5. I wanted to try Dear Darla too, but I'm afraid of the alfalfa sprouts. Baka lasang toge. Hehe.

    I like your allusion to Little Rascals. I like that movie a lot. Hehe ulit.

  6. i came across C' Italian in Pampanga, there's no doubt they serve the best panizza. i bet you would love to try soon :D