Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My whole family loves this fish except for me until recently.  When I see them on the table, I pass up a meal.  But during the weekend, I was able to change my mind about them.  I now happen to love Tawilis too like the rest of my family and household.

I hate fish bones especially the ones that are small and are too thin to see.  During breakfast over the weekend, they served crunchy tawilis in our Tagaytay home.  I am a sucker for anything crunchy.  And when I saw how crunchy the fish(es) looked, I couldn't help but give myself numerous servings of fried rice.

The fish was so crunchy. All I left on my plate was the fish heads which when I tried to eat them, I almost finished them all.  The small fish heads are also so good.

Fried crunchy tawilis are as good as golden crispy bacon on the breakfast table.


  1. super sarap ng tawilis. fried, ihaw, o kaya sinaing. gusto ko na tuloy umuwi sa Batangas.. =)

  2. my mother in law loves tawilis too; we even went to Tagaytay just to buy her tawilis and head straight to Pangasinan. (real destination)

  3. waaah!! san kaya makabili ng tawilis sa manila? first tried it in Tarlac. now, hinahanap ko na sya. :)

  4. masarap nga ang tawilis! pati tilapia. =)