Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tin Can of Cookies

During our trip to Pampanga two weeks ago, I was able to buy myself a small tin can of cookies.  I think what prompted me to buy it was the tin can itself. It was so cute because it was smaller than the regular tin cans.  And it was also a bit fancy-looking.  I also thought that I haven't tried these kinds of cookies for a long time already.

I love the butter cookies in this can.  It's so perfect for a bitter, not-to-sweet cup of coffee.

The cookies are thick and creamy.
The chocolate-flavored ones were not oozing with chocolate flavor
as one would expect.  You wouldn't even notice the bits of 
chocolates when it's in your mouth already.
The chocolate chip cookies even tasted buttery.

I love the container.  I even love the cookies.


  1. i wont mind staying at home for the holy week if i'll be doing a marathon with those cookies! =)

  2. I love butter cookies! childhood memory ko rin yan, I always get a can from my grandparents whenever they come over and visit. :)