Sunday, April 10, 2011

Subs For Dinner

My sister loves Subway.  She has been eating them for so many years now.  On the other hand, I have never bought a Subway sandwich before.  I think I bought as far as their cookie and soda only.

Last night, since we were still full from a heavy late lunch, everyone opted for a lighter meal. Nobody could think of anything.  I for one, could only think of a cup of instant noodles as a light meal.  My sister went with my mom to look for something to eat since they're not accepting my suggestion.

They bought leafy greens, tomatoes and cucumber, slices of cheese, French bread, salami, pepperoni and bacon.  And so, we ended up eating subs for dinner courtesy of my sister.

Since it was her idea, she was the one who was serving the subs for us.


  1. i loooove sandwiches!

    i remember when i was in elementary, i wanted a sandwich for baon. naubusan ng cheese whiz! puro gulay lang laman ng ref! haha! my mom made me a big sandwich with gulays and century tuna.

  2. i love subs haha! :3 like reina i used to bring sandwiches as baon when i was younger hihi! xD

  3. Nainggit ako! It's been too long since I've made a sandwich of my own, which is actually better since you control the ingredients and the portions. Mas sulit pa kasya buying at TSG or Subway.