Thursday, April 14, 2011

SM Hypermarket's Japanese Food

One day after work, I passed by SM Hypermarket to wait on my mom as she gets her daily visit for self-care done. And because I got hungry from all that waiting and doing nothing, I bought myself a late lunch or early dinner from their food court (Taste of Asia).

I was really hungry and so everything looks so yummy.  I ordered myself Pork Katsudon and Rainbow Sushi from two different stalls.  I didn't eat them at the food court. But instead, I ate them while I sat down in Let's Face It to get a paraffin wax for my feet.  Good thing, they allowed food inside.  (By the way, it was first time to have semi-hot paraffin wax on my feet... it was really good too.)

Here's the Rainbow sushi from the Shimbashi stand.  
It is tuna and salmon wrap along with sweet mango strips.
Since it wasn't easy to make it, it took longer 
than when you order a regular sushi.
The taste is more than good enough.
It is super filling too.

When I buy sushi, I usually check their storage.
Shimbashi's counter shows their raw cold fish meat.  
And it looked really sanitary.
They even let you see how they prepare the food.
It makes the customer at ease that what they are eating 
are as clean as possible.  

Here's the Katsudon I ordered from Taste of Asia.
Their dish is nothing out of the ordinary
and just the way I like it.
I think that when you're used to the taste of a particular food,
you wouldn't want it another way.


  1. the rainbow sushi looks yummy~

  2. Ang sarap naman nyan! haha! I haven't seen that kind of sushi before.. But it looks real good! And most especially... the Katsudon.. *drool*

  3. Hi sis! Wow, sarap ng food trip mo ah. Thanks for the visit. Hihi. Btw, ayran is a popular Turkish drink made from a mixture of yogurt, water, and salt.

  4. Wow, fantastic!
    My wife is Japanese, she influenced me a lot on Japanese cuisine. I love sushi and sashimi!!