Saturday, April 9, 2011

Breakfast at The Reef

We are currently in the Camayan Beach Resort in Subic and have been enjoying their humble Filipino breakfast buffet two days in a row.  Humble, in comparison to say, Taal Vista's or Orchard Hotel's breakfast. The buffet has very limited choices but the servings are not.  There is never a time that there were empty containers.  You will also appreciate the view because it's located at the beach front of the resort.

Toasted Sourdough and Puto with coconut syrup

Crunchy Koko Krunch

Pork Tapa and Egg Fried Rice on my plate

Tosilog on our driver's plate

Pricey breakfast if you ask me... in relation to the food served.
But this morning, diners got their money's worth because they served 
unlimited number Danggit normally cost P300 per kilo in the market. 
They had Danggit and Crispy Dilis for breakfast today. 
Sobrang sarap ng Pinoy breakfast!

Salad bar consisted of pipino and tomato slices. 
I was looking for the leafy greens but there was none.
I guess they have a different concept of salad 
from what I had in mind. 

Special dining area which do not have enough seats for everyone.

Now, this is what's special about this restaurant.  
The outdoor seating area.  
The view is more than enough to enjoy your food even more.

Another shot of my cereal. LOL!

And the fruit plate that wasn't mine.

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