Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Visit at Tokyo Cafe

At last, mother and daughter were able to try Tokyo Cafe.  I was with Via roaming around the mall and was thinking what food to give my daughter for lunch.  I looked at their display and decided that they looked really good.

My Via and I shared this tomato-based rice dish.
There were chicken bits in there and some vegetables to.
Pretty hefty if you ask me.

(By the way, the Japanese manager (?)owner served this dish to our table
even though they were not under-manned. 
Now, that is pretty good service.

This is what my the nanny and I shared ^_^
Mozzarella-filled chicken roll
One piece is more than enough.
The potato salad on the side is pretty good too.

My sister and I shared this one
I gave some beef to Via too.

I got the caramel coffee drink...

... and my sister enjoyed her chocolate drink

Japanese food is now more than sushi, sashimi and tempura ^_^

Not really pricey considering the place looked like it. 


  1. Tokyo Cafe is one of my faves! :) I totally dig their hamburg dishes. I actually blogged about them here.

  2. I love their pastas They're opne of the best I've tried so far. =)