Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pandecillos from Bicol

My grandmother from Bicol knows this is my favorite.
Pandecillos are nutty bread that is filled with Yema-like spread.

I could finish one whole bag in one sitting!
I wish they sell it around Manila too.


  1. The pandecillos seem so yummy! I wish they're available in Manila, too! ;)

  2. sis i love that too!! i always ask my dad to bring home whenever he goes to Bicol! have you tried "angko"? its like mochi... glutinous rice w/ sweet peanut filling. Super yummy! also the pianono (chiffon roll) filled with a mixture of dulce de leche & ground pili nuts! Mmmm :D

  3. wow, i want to try that pandecillios, sounds so appetizing