Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breaking The Overnight Fast at Conti's (Katipunan)

Upon waking up one Sunday morning, we all climbed the car and drove to Conti's Katipunan.

My nephew waiting for his food which did not arrive 
that soon enough.  We had to wait for our food despite 
the few number of customers and more than enough manpower 
in the kitchen and on the floor.

Coffee arrived first.  
Thank you!

Chicken lollies with honey mustard dip
One of the best I have tasted

My mother wanted the fruits served first.
She made the waiters rush this one out.

I ordered Seafood Gratin (???)
I couldn't pronounce it correctly as much as I couldn't 
ingest another spoonful of this one. 
It wasn't good as I was hoping for it to be :(
NEVER going to order this one again.
I'm going to stay away from anything that has "gratin" on it's label.


  1. Wow sis!I heard Conti's have really great cake, you should have tried it also!

  2. i miss this! i usually order pasta... or if i wanna eat rice, its baked salmon, roast beef or fish kebabs.