Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taberna Barcelona

Parents are back and we made sure that we celebrated our Daddy's birthday somewhere.  And we have landed on Taberna Barcelona in Atrium Megamall.  We haven't been there before and it was I who got there first so I was the one who chose the place.

They give bread toast for free.

Tabla Barcelona
for starters.

Yay!  We found another place that serve
tasty oysters.
Theirs is filled with mozzarella and some leafy greens.

Ensalada ???
I don't remember the name of this salad ^_^
It's so-so.

Paella Marinara
If you like saffron, you would like this dish.
The rice is so tasty.

Parilla Mariscos
Skillet of assorted seafoods

Paella Negra
I suggest this for take out to eat at home. 
But if you're adventurous enough to eat something that 
could mess up your teeth and your lips,
go ahead.

Pijama for dessert.
Fruits, custard and ice cream.


  1. Wow!!! food looks yummy! I need to keep the restau's name in mind! thanks for sharing.

  2. The paella looks delicious! I wanna try this place