Friday, October 28, 2011

Minute Maid's White Grape with Aloe Vera Pulp

I passed by 7/11 to look for a pick-me-up.
They didn't have the coffee I love because their branch at Heart Center 
didn't have the vending machine for it (along with Slurpee).
And so, I tried to look for something equally "helpful".
I got curious with their White Grape.  
I didn't know there were aloe vera pulp in it.
And so, I was happily drinking the pulp thinking they were grapes!!!
It was really good especially when chilled in the freezer.


  1. Didn't know MM has this flavor. It's interesting, but I don't think I've ever drank o tasted aloe vera pulps. :)

  2. I also didn't know about Minute Maid's aloe vera pulp drinks, but I've tried other brands of aloe vera beverages. And I love them! :)

  3. I have tried something similar (with aloe pulp) but can't remember what drink that was. But for some reason the thought of aloe pulp makes me squeamish. =p So I'm sticking to orange pulp, thanks very much. Haha.

  4. I first tried this in HK. Its good though. I just couldn't get past the slimy aloe vera. Buti na lang Hubby is adventurous. =D