Friday, October 21, 2011

Iceberg's Near CCP

It was 11:00pm and we still haven't eaten dinner.  It was Stomp night for us (siblings).  And we arrived late in the area so we postponed dinner for a couple of hours.  We haven't tried Iceberg's since our last visit years ago at their E.Rodriguez Ave branch.  

I changed my mind about Choco Banana Shake to get a Root Beer Float. 

My brother's old fashioned Vanilla Milkshake
paired up with his Mighty AJ burger plate!

I ordered six pieces of Buffalo wings for myself.

... Chili Cheese Fries.

Service: 3 stars
Service wasn't too bad considering they were under-manned tonight. 

Ambiance: 3 stars
It was a very casual place but Magnolia's ice cream parlor is still on top spot.

Food: 3 stars

Price: 3 stars
A bit expensive for someone on a tight budget.
Range PHP150-250 


  1. Thanks for sharing this sis! Anyway, we only go to Iceberg's for desserts. We find their entrees and other food pricey for the mediocre taste.. >.<

  2. iceberg is making a big comeback. Good for them! I used to love going to their stores. =)