Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Cakes: Dairy Queen's and Red Ribbon's

Because it was Daddy's 65th birthday, we had to celebrate it somehow even though my parents are not around (they're in a pilgrimage somewhere in the world).

It was kind of pointless to put a birthday message on the cake
but I'm planning to send it as an MMS to my father tonight 
which he can hopefully see as he rides the bus somewhere.

Just a little piece is enough for me.

We also had Red Ribbon log roll.  
There were 11 of us left at home so two cakes are just right.

My nephew is enjoying his plate of melting ice cream cake slice.


  1. Ooh, that ice cream cake looks really yummy! Would have loved to get one for Francine's next month-day, but alas, there's no DQ here in Batangas. =(

  2. Happy birthday to your dad. :) Your nephew loves the cam. ^_^

  3. want to try dq's ice cream cake..looks yummy! :)