Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yukino Hana, Resto And Bar

Black walls - It was the first thing I noted when I entered the small restaurant. I arrived first and so I was alone at my table. There was another table occupied by four Korean nationals which actually made the place more authentic.

The food was kind of pricey with a P250 and up range. Since they refill the side dishes and the soup in our noodle dish, it didn't matter.

The waitress made a good lasting impression. She was very respectful to us (my sister and nephew arrived a little later). She kind of bowed very subtly every time we ask her for something or deliver something on our table. With that kind of service, who wouldn't want to give a good tip.


  1. Quite a foodie trip I had here at your blog, bumped into this while looking for Rowena's Tarts writeup. Anyways, Will be following you now and more of your food adventures, hoping you could do teh same on mine,

  2. Could you tell me the address for this restaurant? :) I'd like to go there should I ever visit the Philippines ^^

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