Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bon Chon Try-Outs

We've been driving by the recently opened Bon Chon branch along Libis.
And I have wondered since then what kind of chicken they were serving.

I found out today that they specialized in Soy Garlic and Spicy flavored Buffalo Wings.
Each piece is so small.  I was disappointed when I saw how little each piece was.
With the price you paid for, you would have expected a bigger piece.

But then, the taste is really, really good.  
It's like you're eating junk food!
Which is probably more or less true because these are mostly wings
which definitely contains the bad fat.  

We tried their Yogurt with Caramel syrup. It was pretty good.
Much better than most sour yogurt ice cream around.

Ginger Tofu Salad
I wasn't able to appreciate this much.
The dressing was pretty good though.

Their Kimchi Coleslaw is pretty spicy 
and goes very well with their Buffalo Wings!

Taste: 4 Stars
They do have pretty good tasting Buffalo wings

Menu 3 Stars
There was such a few choices.  Jollibee has more choices.

Service: 4 stars
They have a few number of crew
but they are all attentive to the needs of the customers.

Ambiance 5 stars
Very clean environment
You don't smell the usual stench in a fast food restaurant.


  1. hubby and i love their buffalo wings! liit nga lang talaga :)

  2. ako nasarapan sa Buffalo Wings nila. Kaso iyong maanghang, soobrang anghang naman! Halos hindi na maenjoy ang lasa.

  3. I've been hearing so much hype regarding this store. Hmmm....

  4. I haven't tried eating at Chicken Bonchin but a lot of people recommends it, well...I really think this time I should go and drop by for a food review! Great post, sissie! Hope you'd drop by my blog when you have the time!

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