Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lunch at Josephine's

2pm diners
Late lunch for many because of the heavy traffic 
on the way to Tagaytay

I had cucumber cooler while waiting for our orders to arrive.

Shrimpcharon for appetizer

Our mainstay: Seafood Paella

Zarzuelang Luntian
Our vegetable dish during that visit.

Grilled Platter
Pork, Squid, Fish Fillet

As always, food and service is good.
It's just to bad that people have to wait 
so long to be seated.
There are just too many people 
eating in their restaurant.


  1. i miss josephine's. i would like to visit their cavite branch pero under renovation pa yata.

  2. the seafood paella looks really delicious :)

  3. i haven't been to Josephine's Tagaytay. The foods look delicious.

  4. it's not helpful to be seeing pictures when you're starving waaa!!!! damn, they look yummy!