Tuesday, December 30, 2014


There are so many homes turned into restaurants around the metro.  And I've encountered one more last night.  It was the second one I've visited in the QC area (the first one was Romulo's which was years ago).

The place looked ancestral with traditional furnitures and fixtures on the inside.  However the facade was a bit on the contemporary on the outside.

Since it was our first time, we asked the waiter what was his recommendations.  And that was what we ordered.  The waiter seemed to know what were the dishes that would make us come back for another round.

I liked the Fiesta rice most of all.  It was good on its own.  The next one was the adobong baby pusit.  Crispy bagnet was a general favorite on our table.  The Poqui-poqui dish earned a good laugh with its name but we were quiet consuming the vegetable dish made of eggplant since it was really good despite the fact that I didn't like mushy things.


Adobong Baby Pusit

Crispy Bagnet

And their dessert choices were not something that would disappoint.  In fact it was the perfect finish.

Lemon Torte, their best seller!  I LOVE THIS!

I ordered this but I preferred the lemon torte somebody else ordered.  :)

Ambiance:  5 out of 5
They got the "homey place" I think they're trying to give.

Taste: 5 out of 5
I eat out to try something different from our traditional dishes.  However, I realized that I haven't tasted everything that our country has.  Thanks to this restaurant, I tasted Ilocano meals that I didn't know they had.

Service: 4 out of 5
I think they are undermanned. However, the staff did their best to accommodate people.

Cost: 4 out of 5
Price was pricey but reasonable since they were all sumptuous since they were all cooked perfectly.

Located at:
Scout Rallos Street cor. 11th Jamboree st.  Sacred Heart, Quezon City


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