Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dining Alone At Pancake House

Can you eat by yourself in a public place?  

When I was younger, I wouldn't be able to do so.  And if I did, I would not be too comfortable to be surrounded by strangers and dining by myself.  But as I grew older, I thought being able to eat alone is a step towards independence.  I can do that now.  I'm just working on the next step - watching a movie in the cinema alone.

When I left the house today, I wasn't able to get any breakfast.  And so, I had to stop by Pancake House to get a quick meal.   I had the usual and I got something I haven't tried before.  

The usual Banana Walnut Waffle.

Crispy "almost burnt" Bacon
I should have complained but didn't bother.
I somehow got an acquired taste for their non-oily crispy "smoked" bacon.
I dipped some of it in syrup.
Sweet and salty ^_^

 I tried something new. Well, it's more like "something I haven't tried before". 
Vanilla Milk Shake.
It's the old-fashioned kind of milk shake. They use Cowhead brand.  
I got this instead of ordering a cup of coffee.  I want to replenish my calcium intake somehow.

The interior.
The metal chairs like you are in a cafeteria of some sort.


  1. i've been to pancake house for the nth time but still haven't taste their pancake or waffle.

  2. uy, ako i dont mind eating by my lonesome.

    I was able to eat at pancake by myself a month ago.

    I love their milkshake and root beer float~

  3. I don't mind dining alone too, there are just times when I get envious of the people around me who have company. Pero if I were to choose, mas gusto ko pa rin may kasama, may sumasarap kumain. :)

  4. Before I couldn't eat alone too, kaya pinagtatawanan ako ng sister ko. But lately I do that already especially when I run errands by my lonesome. Pero hindi ko yata carry manood ng sine mag-isa. Hehe!

  5. I am used to eating alone, even before. I can watch movies alone too. Dunno, that's just me. Unlike most, I actually do enjoy my lonesome. Haha.

  6. love the choco chip or blueberry pancake!! try their homestyle bangus & omelette too! :D

  7. I can eat alone :) i remember my classmate said that she don't wan't to eat alone because she look like loner but duh! i don't think eating alone makes you look a loner it makes you look INDEPENDENT :)

  8. I don't mind dining alone but I'm usually with T so eating alone is a rare moment ;)

    Definitely, Maybe

  9. i don't mind dining alone. i love banana walnut too but i usually go for pancakes instead of waffles. :)

  10. I used to dine alone before. Used to even to out to movies solo as well. No choice since Hubby isn't here in RP and there are just some days when you feel the need to relax and unwind outside. Everyone has their own lives (i.e. friends) to lead so ok naman yung may alone time paminsan minsan. I actually enjoyed doing so after a hard week at work and school. =)

  11. i am used to dining alone especially during mornings when i would arrive at the office very early. i enjoy the moment. when i was still at Eastwood, Pancake House is my favorite breakfast place. i tried watching a movie in a cinema twice. my first experience however wasn't nice.