Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caldereta For Dinner and Breakfast

Oh it has been a long time since I tasted Calderata (beef casserole with tomato sauce and melted cheese).  That's why when the cook served this, I went ahead and scooped me a large amount of rice and topped it off with this straight from the pan(?).

It was so good!  I think this grabs the top spot from my favorite Kare-kare.

The cooked left spoon and fork while the beef was cooking.
She says it will tenderize the beef faster.
I don't know how true that is.


  1. i always love beef caldereta, i used spareribs part because it is more flavorful.

    di ko alam yang spoon and fork.

  2. favorite ko din ang caldereta. nagutom naman ako bigla.

  3. I'm quite amused by what your cook told you, hehe. I can't grasp the logic of it. :P

  4. i super love caldereta! this post has made me super hungry. T___T

  5. Caldereta din ulam ko kaninang lunch. ^_^

  6. caldereta is my favorite dish too. nakakagutom!