Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Lunch at Italianni's

My sister and I decided to have lunch in Eastwood Mall yesterday.
And we decided to dine in Italianni's.
We were actually there for the bread that they serve 
while the customers wait for their orders.

The place was packed. Good thing we were there just in time to get the last remaining table.
Or else, we have to look for another restaurant.

Taste: 4 out of 5
Ambiance: 5 out of 5
Price: 3 out of 5
Service: 5 out of 5

Sicilian Salad

The chicken cubes, grapes and mangoes make this a great salad.

Pepper crusted fish
Fish is just too salty. I'm not sure if that's the way it's supposed to taste, though.
Or the cook has just put too much salt in it.
I love the pasta mixed with the light sauce of the dish.

This was supposed to be for starters but they served it late during the meal.
The artichoke dip was as good as the one they serve in Cyma.
We got this for free.

The photo is not doing justice on how good Parmesan-crusted fish fillet is.
This is my favorite!  I think they serve this too (but with a different name) 
in Fish and Co.

Italianni's chicken isn't that impressive taste-wise.

I was crushed when I found out I forgot to bring my camera.  I had to do my best with my camera phone.


  1. that artichoke dip and parmesan crusted fish does look yummy~

    if only my BF and I weren't saving, I'll ask if we can eat at italianni's. LOL!

  2. Onga sis. I agree totally. If only there was some restaurant that serves the same food of the same quality and taste and has a lower set of prices, I'll be there everyday!