Friday, July 15, 2011

Starbucks: Flat Bread Sandwich

Have you tried this one yet?

Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms and Hummus on flat bread sandwich.
Best with safe drinking water c/o Starbucks.



  1. My personal fave is the Starbuck's basil, tomato, mozarella sandwich (can't remember the type of bread. Before they used multi-grain bagel kasi. Hehehe!) A rememnant from the days when I stopped eating meat for a month. Hehehe! =)

    I'll try the sandwich you suggested as well. =)

  2. @ average jane: i love that too!! tomato-mozzarella- basil on multigrain bagel. simple but so yummy! now they use whole wheat foccacia but i still love it too bits! :D

    @ chew on this: tried this too. i love it even if it was my 1st time to try hummus that time :D

  3. i haven't been to starbucks lately, i have yet to try this.

  4. ^ Me either. But I will soon. And I want to try this. And I want to apply for an HSBC Credit card so I'll have free drinks. Lol