Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Favorite Chowking Set

Whenever I go visit our local pseudo-Chinese restaurant, Chowking, I always the same thing over and over again.  It's not the way I really am (because I usually order something I haven't tried before) but with Chowking, I'm like my parents - I order the same thing with every visit.

Chorizo Chao Fan, Tofu, Kangkong with Bagoon and Ice Cold Rootbeer
Nothing more, nothing less.

Their tofu is soooo good! 


  1. Yeah, the tofu is good. I usually go for Pork Chao Fan though, and ask them to hold the greens (veggies) to save me trouble of having to pick them thingies off before eating. =P

  2. Wow, kangkong with bagoong.. nyam nyam.. haha. My all-time favorite is their Beef Chao Fan.

  3. weee, chowking lover! someone I can relate to! lol!

    i love chowking for that easy fix of fast chinese food. I also love chorizo rice, tofu and kangkong. But I would always order nai cha with it. This post made me hungry. hehe~