Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Lemon's Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese

Sounds interesting?  No?  Sounds weird?  Yes?  That's what I thought too.  That's what made me try it out.  It was the drink my sister wanted me to try out.  She's been drinking several kinds from Happy Lemon and she wanted me to try it out too.

I would have enjoyed it much more if I drank it the way it's supposed to.  And that is drinking from top to bottom.  Ergo, NO STRAW allowed. I was told to drink and finish the froth or cheese on top before I go down the bitter clear green tea.

Unfortunately, I was carrying Via and I couldn't drink it without cover or straw OR else, I would risk spilling the drink all over her.

Via already looks tired from all the walking around.


  1. Your daughter is soo big now! Bilis nya lumaki, parang recently lang I was reading chronicles of your pregnancy. :)

  2. Onga Sis :) She's able to sit on her own now... and sobrang mahirap habulin sa kama pag gumagapang :)

  3. Oh how I hoped they have a branch near us, but they're all so far away :( Sounds interesting though..

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