Sunday, June 5, 2011


My mom went to Bangkok last weekend with a couple of her shopingera friends.  We were all anticipating all the sweet tamarind she was going to bring home for us.  But when I got home on the day she arrived, I opened the fridge and I found the plastic bags of Cherries.  A couple of bags contained the light colored ones and the others contained dark cherries.  They all looked so scrumptious.  

And they really were.  There was some crunch in them which tells me they are really almost freshly harvested.  I didn't know Thailand grew cherries.    


  1. Ohh cherries! Di ko naabutan ang season nito sa Turkey last vacay namen. Pagdating namen sa Istanbul, my MIL took out a bag of frozen cherries from ref. She then boiled them tapos tinimplahan ng sugar pa maging cherru juice. Sayang di ko natikman yun fruist mismo.

  2. i love cherries too sis! i wish we had these here. :(

  3. Love the picture! I always adore macro shoots. =)