Sunday, June 19, 2011

Luncheon at Josephine's

As per my dad's request, we ate at Josephine's Tagaytay for Father's Day.

Food: 3 stars
Ambiance: 5 stars
Service: 4 stars
Price: 5 stars

Mutya Ng Cavite
Creamy seafood soup for starters

And the line up started with Kare-Kare

Seafood Paella is relatively good in comparison with the others that I tasted before.

Waaah!  I miss you Crispy Pata!

Fisherman's Basket is a bit of a mess
but the taste was definitely not.

I had Josephine's Freshly Brewed Iced Tea.
I'd have to say Pho Hoa still has the best iced tea.

Sweet Endings:
A cup of Macchiato
Kahlua Sansrival

And that's the latest trip to Josephine's.


  1. At talagang Crispy Pata ang una kong nakita. Haha! :) And the paella looks yummy. Happy Father's Day to your dad and to your hubby!

  2. Everything looks really worth trying. Hay, I am seriously craving right now! Paella! Last one I had was in Legazpi Sunday Market. :)

  3. OMG that paella just waved at me and said "come and get me!" Hahaha! Paella lover here sis. :) Happy father's day to your dads! :)

  4. nagutom naman ko. i agree with the ambiance: 5 stars too.

  5. Oh tagaytay, I love that place. Was it raining there?

    I will try that ice tea at pho hoa~

    the seafood does look like a mess but im sure it was gooood~

  6. buti pa yung daddy mo, game sa Father's day evet. Papa ko, deadma. Pauso lang daw yan ng malls. hehe

    and you father has a good choice. that paella and crispy pata look so yummy!

  7. Hi girls :) I want some Crispy Pata right now too.

    @Kitten: Yes sis, it was raining heavily during Father's Day pero okay lang... enjoy pa rin :)

    @Chyng: Heheh! Medyo totoo naman sabi ng Papa mo sis :)

  8. what a feast! i would love to have some of those paella! mukhang ang sarap! =)

  9. That sansrival looks huge and yummy! Crunchy or chewy? (=