Sunday, June 12, 2011

PHo Hoa's Noodle Soup

I can't deny it.  I'm a sucker for noodle dishes.  And it's a good thing there's Pho Hoa in the country.  I would have missed how good a Vietnamese noodle soups would have tasted.

Pho Hoa Megamall Branch

Taste: 5 stars

Service: 4 stars

Ambiance: 4 stars
(I love the apple green with soft white yellow lighting.)

Price: 3 stars
(Hope they cost less so I could eat a lot more)

Menu: 4 stars
(Their menu haven't changed so much for a long time but I don't mind at all. The choices are more than enough.)


  1. Hmmm, I suddenly craved for Pho Hoa

  2. Yummy!! i obviously love noodles!

  3. i love pho too! well, i love noodles, that's fact. hahaha! :)

  4. Count me in! i love noodles, too especially if it's spicy.

  5. I didn't knew that there was a Pho Hoa in Megamall! So we ended in a chinese restaurant at the Atrium. Walang kwenta. Haha! Let's have a Pho Hoa EB girls! :D