Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dexter's Jungle Cake For Gabino

My nephew turned three one month ago and they celebrated it at Jollibee Katipunan.  My sister had his cake ordered from Dexter's as always.

This time, he had a jungle-themed, orange-flavored cake.
I think it is the best-tasting cake I tasted from Dexter's yet.
I haven't tasted all of them yet, that's why.  :)

We didn't think anyone would come to the party because it was raining heavily.
But to our surprise, the tables were filled up even though most of the guests were late.
I think all Jollibee birthdays I have been to have always been super fun.
And my nephew's party wasn't an exception.  
Kudos to the Jollibee staff in Katipunan for doing a great job
in hosting my nephew's birthday.


  1. Very nice cake! It looks expensive. Hey, never heard of Dexter. Is that from QC?

  2. Orange cake eh? Something new to me, since I always always get chocolate. =D

  3. The cake is very cute. I'm really curious about the taste of an orange flavored cake.

  4. Care to share the price? It looks really yummy, thinking of what cake to buy for my daughter's birthday and she loves anything citrus..Thanks!