Sunday, June 5, 2011

Late Lunch at Cafe Mediterranean

When I say late, I mean almost three in the afternoon.  My lunch break at work is 8 in the morning and after that, there's no more snacking until I head home.  So when my sister invited me to have late lunch with her, I didn't think twice before I said "yes".  Usually, I head straight home to eat a quick snack before I take a nap beside my baby.

We headed to Rockwell Center beside Medical City.  And among the few restaurants they have there, we chose Cafe Mediterranean.  No Japanese food for us that afternoon even though we saw Kimono Ken almost beside it.

Ambiance: 4 stars
Food: 4 stars
Service: 5 stars
Price: 3.5 stars

Even the floors scream Mediterranean.

This is my sister's favorite: Quattro Formaggi.  
There's not a lot of cheese on it.
Even so, the pizza was bursting with flavor.
It has mozzarella, gorgonzola, fontina and parmessan cheese on it.

White one is not so spicy while the other one is truly spicy.

I drizzled some on my slice.

One plate was good for two.  
We made a mistake of ordering one for each of us.
But not really, because there was almost nothing left on my plate
when I was through with it.

Some couscous which I objected to when my sister was ordering it.
I'm not a fan of couscous.  I rather have the long grained ones they serve
in this kind of restaurants.

Egyptian Spiced Orange and Raisins P95.00

Now, I highly recommend this for those people who want to try something different from the usual.
The panna cotta is so soft, you wonder how it held up like that.
The topping is originally poured over vanilla ice cream in the Middle East.
In this restaurant, they tried pouring it on panna cotta. 
Perfect to end a late lunch.


  1. haven't gone here for a long time. :) i like their food too!

  2. I'm not much a fan of this resto. I guess I just didn't like the kebobs. However, its been a while since I tried them out (around 7 years to be exact) so my palate may have changed now. I'll try them again. Hehehe! =)

  3. wow, everything looks yummy.

    the white pizza looks odd, but im sure it is yummy

  4. Their Quattro Formaggi is quite interesting. Four different kinds of cheeses but it doesn't look like it. Hindi ba bitin? But I'm sure it's delicious as what you've said. :) I want to try this soon. :)