Sunday, June 26, 2011

San Jacinto Panciteria On A Sunday

You know you're in a Chinese restaurant when you see a small bowl with a ceramic soup spoon.
Classic :)

San Jacinto Panciteria has been along C5 Libis (Across SM Hypermarket)
for more than 15 years already.
And yesterday, we were supposed to go to Pancake House for lunch.
It's a good thing my sister did a quick thinking and thought of one of 
our favorite family restaurants - San Jacinto Panciteria.

Menu 4 Stars 
They didn't have the shrimp salad until now.

Taste: 5 stars!
Gotta try that San Jacinto Chow Mein... the blurry picture below.

Ambiance: 5 stars!
It's a Chinese restaurant but the restaurant is themed country-style.
I don't mind the contrast from the food.  
It's a very homey place.

Service: 5 Stars!
I don't know if this really holds true but every table seemed to have it's own waiter.

(Most pictures are blurry... so sad!  I was carrying my daughter while running around the table to take pictures of the food before people started digging in.)

Garlic Broccoli

Yang Chow (Kanin pa lang, ulam na!)

Everyone's favorite:

Fish fillet with special Soy Sauce. 
When they say special soy sauce, they really mean it. 
I poured some of it on my rice.  Sarap!

San Jacinto Chow Mein
This is their signature dish.  
I love this (among everything else).

We looked for something cheap and something everyone can enjoy.
Almond Jelly :)

Home Brewed Iced Tea

And you can't dine without safe drinking water.


  1. i agree with yang chow, it's already a complete meal. =)

  2. almond jelly, my fave.

    i agree three, yang chow is a complete meal. One of the staples in a chinese restaurant

  3. i don't usually go to libis but i'll check this one out when i get a chance to go there.

  4. The Yang Chow rice looks so yummy! =)