Sunday, June 26, 2011

Household Lunch at Sushiya Megamall

It was my mother's idea that the whole household go out for lunch.  And so, with my sister in charge, she chose Japanese food for the day.

Taste: 3 stars
^^ But their Kani Wasabi Salad can get a 5 stars from me!  I'm going to go back there just for another serving of this one!

Ambiance: 3 stars
^^ The place is a bit dim.  There were not enough lighting.  I'd rather eat where I can see exactly what I'm eating.

Food choices: 3 stars

Service: 4 stars
^^ I was tempted to give it a 2 Stars because the lady manager thinks it's beyond her to help out in serving the customers.  There was a waiter and a waitress who were friendly and dutiful enough to the work though.

I swear by the KANI WASABI SALAD.

We tried Salmon Surprise Maki 
and Dynamite Rolls (No photos).

The Gyudon looks good.

I ordered this Pork Curry Ramen and it's not good at all.
I thought it would taste as the Curry Noodle soup I had in Heat but it was far from it.

Chicken Terriyake for my grandparents.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the Shrimp Tempura and Katsudon but you already know what it looks like.
I don't know but the Katsudon may not be as good as I have expected because one of our househelp had her leftovers to go.  She said it was lacking taste.  Not savory enough for my Ate Rose. Heheh!


  1. Japanese food will always be my first love~

    haha, natawa ako kay househelper, critic? but if she didn't like it then I guess it does lack flavor.

  2. i love sushiya and have been eating there for quite awhile. kudos to the article