Sunday, June 19, 2011

Magnolia's Apple Strudel Ice Cream

Yesterday, while I was on my way to our house in Tagaytay, I just had this random thought that I have never tasted apple-flavored ice cream. 

When we reached our home, my parents were not in sight and the helper told us that they were doing some grocery shopping in Robinson's supermarket along the highway.  When they came in a few minutes later, I saw an ice cream container in one of the bags my father was carrying.  

I took a peak and what do you know? It was Apple Strudel ice cream.  

The colors are whimsical just the way I felt when I was eating my bowl of ice cream.

I swear it was really good.  There were apple bits (like the one we get from McDonalds' Apple Pie) and chocolate-covered pretzels.  


  1. okay i'm drooling! i want some!!!

  2. I remember eating the apple strudel that my German teacher made for us before she went back to Europe. I want to give Magnolia's a try! :D

    Chic Manila Mom

  3. Looks yummy, I wanna taste it too. =)

  4. Ohhh!! I have to try this. :) Thanks for letting me know about this sis.

  5. looks good, will check on this.

  6. Looks whimsical indeed! And yummy too. =)